FARO Gage-PLUS precision 3-D measuring arm

FARO armAdvanced 3-Dimensional measuring machine brings production quality control of diameter, position, planeness, and other  "impossible" measuring task on-site for achieving the best in-situ machining result and prove it at the same time.

One gage replaces internal-, external micrometers, straight liners, height meters, stationary geometrical scanners and many more, delivering highly professional reporting.

The FARO arm increase Metalock DK's effectivity in machining of large engine journals due to easier and faster diameter measurements during the machining process. The FARO arm makes measuring of main bearing journals and housings possible fast and many times more accurately than using traditional measuring methods.

  • Stretches 1000 mm
  • Diameter up to Ø1200 mm
  • Planes up to diagonal / diameter 1400 mm
  • Angles of any geometrical object in relation to other objects
  • Distances of 1400 mm
  • Measures defined geometrical 3-D shapes
  • Measures and confirms geometrical dimensions and tolerances according to standards
  • 6 degree of freedom for high flexibility
  • Precision within 5µm
  • Low weight, battery driven package delivers true portability
  • Advanced yet comprehendible and user friendly PC based interface
  • Communicates with PC via build in Bluetooth
  • Generates measuring reports within the associated software
  • 3D measuring arm
  • FARO